We are a brand new personal training family business tailored to clients with a disability.

    We truly believe that everyone, regardless of their disability, deserves the chance to enjoy sport.

    We have a passion for improving the quality of life for anyone with or without a disability, and to help them build the confidence to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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  • 1:1 Personal Training

  • Group training session

  • Boxing classes

  • Boxing/Youth Mentoring

  • Mobile & Active Support Services

  • All Inclusive Sports & Activities

  • Individualised Meal Programs

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Personal Trainers for Individuals With A Disability In Campbelltown

At Sports Ability, we believe that fitness should be the same for everyone, especially individuals with a disability. We aim to make personal training and wellness accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. We're not just personal trainers for people with disabilities but champions for inclusive fitness, committed to helping each person reach their full potential.

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Personalised Training Tailored to Your Needs

Our approach to personal training for those with special needs is aimed at really improving their lives. We acknowledge that every journey is different and believe our specialised programs can help you succeed with confidence. Whether you're looking for one-on-one sessions or prefer the energy of group workouts, our trainers are skilled in adapting to your specific requirements. We aim to make fitness enjoyable and effective for everyone. That’s why our NDIS personal training in Campbelltown is something you will find very rewarding.

Inclusive Boxing and Group Sessions

Boxing is not just a sport; it helps you feel strong and confident. Our boxing classes are more than just exercises; they empower you. As part of our commitment to personal training for those with special needs, these classes are designed to be accessible and enjoyable. Similarly, our group sessions foster a sense of community and belonging, crucial for anyone on their fitness journey, particularly in Campbelltown.

Mobile Training: Bringing Fitness to You

Understanding the challenges of travelling to a gym, we offer NDIS personal training at your own home or a facility you prefer. Our mobile disability trainers are equipped to bring the best of fitness to your comfortable environment, be it at home or a Local park in your area or in campbelltown. This service ensures that your travel limitations do not restrict your fitness goals.

Personal Trainers and Customised Meal Plans In Campbelltown

We believe that fitness is incomplete without proper nutrition. Our personal trainers for individuals with a disability are also knowledgeable in crafting individualised meal plans. These plans complement your NDIS personal training regime, ensuring that you receive a holistic approach to health and wellness. In Campbelltown, we understand the importance of a balanced diet in achieving your fitness goals.

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Join Us for a Free Trial

Experience the difference with a free trial session. This is an opportunity to meet our team, understand our approach, and see firsthand how we can support your fitness journey. Our NDIS personal training experts in Campbelltown are ready to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, setting the stage for a tailored fitness plan that respects and responds to your needs.

Our Expert Disability Trainers

Choosing Sports Ability means opting for a fitness partner who truly understands the nuances of personal training for those with special needs. Our disability trainers near you are not just fitness experts but compassionate, patient, and deeply committed to your success. In Campbelltown, we have built a reputation for excellence in NDIS personal training, and our growing community of satisfied clients is a testament to our effectiveness.

We are more than just personal trainers for individuals with a disability; we are your partners in achieving a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether in Campbelltown or nearby, join us and discover how our NDIS personal training can transform your life. Contact us today to get started.