Youth Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs For Youth In Campbelltown With Sports Ability

Youth mentoring at Sports Ability is a transformative experience for young individuals seeking guidance, support, and personal growth. Our well-designed youth monitoring programs cater to the diverse needs of youth in Campbelltown and beyond, fostering positive development through various mentoring approaches.

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Tailored Youth Mentoring Programs In Campbelltown

Our youth mentoring programs offer personalised sessions led by trained professionals, ensuring a supportive environment for growth and self-discovery. Each one-hour session is crafted to address the unique needs of participants, fostering meaningful connections and skill development.

10-Week Wellbeing Program Highlights

Embark on a 10-week journey with Sports Ability to enhance the well-being of young people, reconnecting them with education, work, or community engagement. Our comprehensive program covers essential topics such as:

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Anger Management
  • Career Pathways
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • How to stay away from Drugs & Alcohol
  • Resilience Building

Our Mentoring Program Outcomes

Experience the positive impact of our mentoring programs through notable outcomes:

  • Some of our young success stories involve participants who, after being mentored, actively engage in mentoring the next generation.
  • Young participants report increased happiness and confidence after a year of mentorship.
  • Enhanced awareness of supporting friends in times of need.
  • Improved ability to prioritise and address personal needs.
  • Greater knowledge and self-care for overall well-being.
  • Increased interest in pursuing further education.

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Our Mentoring Programs

Youth Mentoring Programs For Girls

Are you looking for mentoring programs for girls in Campbelltown? Then you are in the right place. Our youth mentoring empowers young girls through the dedicated Girls Program, in which we provide a unique blend of physical activity, mentorship, and nourishment. This program features:

Two Women Mentors: Experienced and compassionate mentors who guide and support participants through their journey.

One-Hour Boxing Session: Engage in an invigorating boxing session, promoting physical fitness, discipline, and confidence.

One-Hour Mentoring Session: Personalised mentorship sessions catered to each participant's specific needs and goals, fostering growth and self-discovery.

Lunch Included: A nutritious lunch is provided, creating a wholesome experience that nurtures both the body and mind.

Youth Mentoring Programs For Boys

We also offer mentoring Programs for young boys in and around the Campbelltown area. Our program combines physical activity, mentorship, and communal dining for a holistic approach to personal development. The program features:

Two Male Mentors: Inspiring mentors provide guidance and support, helping participants navigate challenges and discover their potential.

One-Hour Boxing Session: Participate in an energetic boxing session to promote fitness, discipline, and self-confidence.

One-Hour Mentoring Session: Individualised mentoring sessions address each participant's unique needs and aspirations, fostering personal growth.

Lunch Included: A satisfying lunch is provided, creating a nurturing environment that supports overall well-being.

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Sports Ability is committed to creating a supportive and empowering environment for youth in Campbelltown through our diverse youth mentoring programs for girls and boys. Join us on this transformative journey towards personal growth and community engagement.

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